Meet The Genuity Six:

Earl 'Zipper-Lip' Rotman

Rap Sheet:

    A former corporate lawyer. Ex-Gordon Capital.

    Joined CIBC World Markets in 2001.
    Left New Year's Eve 2004.

    Ran the "diversified industries" group as the dealer's vice-chairman, which meant roles in many deals.

    Spearheaded the attempt to export income trusts into the US market.

    Genuity promises to be a player in the income trust market. Former CIBC vice-chair Earl Rotman, a significant Genuity partner, was a driving force behind the bank's income trust business.
The Public Man (Photo) . The Zipper is on the left.

The Zipper Don't Squeal

    Brian Shaw, the recently appointed head of CIBC World Markets, said in his sworn affidavit that Mr. Rotman "lied" to him and said he had not been contacted by Genuity.

    Mr. Shaw alleges that Mr. Rotman's failure to tell CIBC World Markets about the planned defections was a "very serious breach" of his obligations as an executive. (Source)

    In its court filing, CIBC said Kassie began planning with Evershed, Daviau and former CIBC vice-chairman Earl Rotman "immediately" after leaving the bank to set up a competitor staffed with the bank's top people. (Source)
And here is some evidence.

    From: Daniel Daviau
    To: Phil Evershed - Home ; David Kassie . CC: Rotman, Earl
    Sent: Sun Oct 24 20:38:07 2004
    Subject: employee spread sheet

    Attached is a list of employees who have at least verbally confirmed to date and their economic deal.

    I appreciate there are a number of others we are in discussion on but not yet locked up.

    Let me know if you have any comments - please specifically sign off on the employee start date, benefit start date and salary start date.
    Thanks, Dan

    From: Earl Rotman
    To: Daniel J. Daviau
    Sent: Nov. 25, 2004 12:04 PM
    Subject: Merkur getting together with kassie and I.
    He's done. Don't f--- it up.

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