The Candidates Speak

From: Welcome To Cipralex

Day 35
First day back at work and what was it like? S__tful, that's what it was like. Deadening, bereft of any humanity, just as I remembered it.

Got a call from a headhunter who claimed to have been directed my way. Think he is looking for more board director level people but we'll see. Another welcome boost anyway...
Day 36
Headhunter called again, it was clear that my CV was not at all what he expected but also that he was intrigued somehow, think our conversation yesterday swung it, he commented several times on my communications skills.

So I was pleased, well flattered I guess, by that even if as I suspect nothing comes of it....
Day 43
Think the Cipralex is inhibiting my humour, don't laugh much right now, part of the way everything is flattened I guess.

Long meeting with Ruby the headhunter tonight. Interesting, normally they fire questions at you but she just talked, wanted to tell me all about the client.

Got the impression she is dead keen to get me in there and she is organising a meeting. Sounds good, sounds like an outfit with a healthy culture.

I'm drinking again most nights. After work I just want a drink to come down a bit. And one leads to another and I end up covertly drinking the best part of a bottle of wine a night again.

H and I both have lots of tiny itchy bumps, like bites. Fleas?

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