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You know how there's a different award show on TV every other week. People's Choice, Daytime Emmys, Country Music Awards, Grammies, etc, etc, etc ad infinitum? Now it seems there's a blog award every other day. Or month.

But this time we've got someone worth voting for.

    Gautam, Gautam, he's our man,
    So say the boys from Canuckistan
Yes, friends, Gautum Ghosh On Management is up for a Bloggie as the Best Indie Blog of the year.

Go and vote here. Click on Votepad at the top of the page. Then click on Indie Blog of the Year. It will take a minute for the voting window to open. Then find Gautum in the drop down box.

Why aren't we promoting a local blog? Well, you know what we say when we outsource to India: "They may not be Canadian but "By Ghosh the price is right!"

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