Genuity Scandal Bad For Recruiters

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce alleges that six former executives improperly recruited bank employees and took confidential data to their new company, Genuity Capital Markets.

How did they nail the culprits? By hiring two forensic firms to snoop through their email.

Is this bad for recruiters? Yes.

It's going to scare the pants off some of the people we deal with. They won't want us to talk to us and they won't want us to send them messages.

But, Iet's take a look at this investigation. What prompted it? This wasn't an ordinary recruiting situation. It was the exodus of a large part of the upper layers of the firm! That's going to attract a lot of attention. The average joe won't.

If you, Joe Blow, Mr Ordinary Guy, talk to me, the Canadian Headhunter, no one on earth is going to be looking over your shoulder or rifling through your email to find out.

But try to tell that to the average recruit? Headhunters, get ready to get the cold shoulder as your self-important recruit starts to see himself as a Phil Evershed or Dan Daviau. As Archie Bunker said: Good night, Noyce!

POSTSCRIPT: I have to admit that Anthony disagrees with me. He doesn't say that simply communicating with a recruiter at work is going to hurt you.

He does say that if your employer wants to fire you, for whatever reason, she can go through your email files looking for communications she can use against you.

One solution: Give all job search-related emails innocuous Subject Lines and give any attached documents non-descript file names (even just letters and numbers).

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