All Backed Up
How The Genuity Case Was Broken

CIBC cracked the Genuity case by going through its enemies' Blackberry messages for evidence.

But how did they get access to them?

The Heroic Techie did some research and here's what he found.

Preliminary Info

The Blackberry is a handheld wireless computing device known best for its ability to receive and send email. It's made by Research in Motion (RIM).

A Blackberry sends email using a regular email address. But it can also send messages to another Blackberry by using the Personal Identification Number of the receiving BlackBerry as an address.

PIN-to-PIN messages are not logged on the company's main computer system like regular email.

The only full record of P2P message content is maintained on the sending and receiving devices.

When the Genuity case broke, CIBC went to RIM for help.
And the RIMmers gave them the key information.

The Key Facts

If the end-user uses the backup feature in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, all databases on the BlackBerry (including contacts, calendar, to-do lists, memos, mail and P2P messages) are backed up to the end-user's desktop.

And, many corporate IT departments routinely set up scheduled backups in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

So, the desktop computers of the ex-employees would contain records of their BlackBerry messages.

And if they were deleted on the desktop, they would probably have been stored in the company's backups.

How can you protect yourself?
See Taylor & Company for the rest.

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