Handsome John Hits It Big!

"He's Rollin' In It!"

Red_river_wayne_clift Handsome John Hunkin has taken a beating in the press recently playing a crusty John Wayne to David Kassie's Monty Cliff.

Pudding_kid_1 But, if the proof is in the pudding, when it comes to pudding, this guy still knows how hoover it in.
Congratulations, John. Mind you, this salary is pre-Genuity. Wishing you well for next year too!

As celebrated headhunter, Ma'tin Yate, once said, "Knock 'Em Dead!"

Title: CEO, CIBC

Base salary 2004: $1-million
- including a 100K increase; first since '99

Performance bonus 2004: $3-mill+

Restricted share awards 2004: $4.2-mill
Stock Options: 50,560

The Bank's Earnings 2004: $2.2-billion

Most Altrustic Action:
- In 2002, the bank suffered a 61% drop in profits
- Handsome Johnny turned down performance bonuses
  & stock options!
- (So did Academy Award Nominee, David Kassie)

Other Prize Winners!

Arnold_ed_tux_portrait Dickie Waugh, Prez-CEO Bank of Nova Scotia
Base 2004: $1-mill
Restricted stock units: $3-mill

Performance Bonus: $1.6-mill deferred shares
Stock Options: 230,768 stock options.

Most Admirable Action
- led bank's best year: earnings of $2.9-bill, up 18% 2003.

Barrymore_potter_1 Gordie Nixon: CEO Royal Bank
- $3.2-mill in salary and bonuses in 2004

- Watch out Gordie! Royal's full-year profit   declined for the first time since 1999
  (from $3.01-bill. to $2.83)

See The Globe and Mail

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