Danielle In The Lion's Den

It was snowing last night but I felt like going out for a walk and when the snow got too heavy, I stepped into a pub called The Drunken Barfer for a warm drink.

Some kind of party was going on. I saw a sign that read "Welcome, Right Whingers!" and a young fellow in a calico shirt and blue jeans was holding forth to a small group of attentive listeners.

He was saying things like: "George Bush is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln." and "Signing on to Confederation was the worst thing Newfoundland ever did. We should have joined the United States."

Suddenly, a small woman appeared in front of him dressed in a full burka. "You must be Damian Penny," she said. "I am," he replied, "And who are you?" "I'm your worst nightmare," she announced and, immediately, there was a lot of screaming and commotion as everyone in the room dropped to the floor.

When no explosion took place we saw that she wasn't wearing a burka after all, just a parka and a balaclava for protection from the storm. Startled, she pulled off her hood and said, "Hey, everybody, it's me, Antonia Zerbisias."

"Let's get her!" someone shouted. "No!" said a brush-cut young man. "We believe in freedom! That's the difference between us and The Toronto Star. Come on, Antonia. Help us understand the lunatic view of the world today."

I soon found out what was going on. This was a meeting of Canada's right wing bloggers. They had assembled to celebrate the visit of one of their shining stars. He'd come to Toronto from the tiny village of Mount Pearl in Newfoundland and was staying with his Uncle Jed as he tried to find a wife in the big city.

"Tell us, Antonia", Damian asked, "Do you finally concede that 911 was carried out by bin Laden?"

"Hey, I'm no conspirazoid," Antonia declared. "But, tell me this. Where's the black box? They can find everything else, how come they can't find the black box? No, I can't get over that black box!" Actually, she said "black box" a few more times than that but I don't want to give you the impression that she was unreasonable - or anything like that.

The talk turned to a variety of bloggers. Damian said he was shocked to learn that Little Green Footballs was not only an old hippie, but that he was just plain old. He's 51. Antonia took this as personal insult and some catty banter ensued but no serious argument.

Eventually, she had to go. She had an appointment with
Barry Zwicker.

As for me, I found the company pleasant and had conversations of varying length with No Advice, The Heroic Techie, Babbling Brooke, The Staple Singer, The Tightly Wound Watch, Quotavicious, Canada Freak Press, Let Me Bleed, Meektriarchy, The Green Barren, American Spy in Paris, Relaxed Catholic and The Flea.
I know that a David and Jane were there, as well, and others I didn't meet.

We had an interesting waitress, too. She's an aspiring young songstress The Flea is promoting as the next big thing for teenaged girls.

Her video is on his site and, if you're wondering what's wrong with the world today, or right, maybe you'll find an answer here. (I really dig it, daddyo. And, perhaps, I should take impromptu walks more often).

Note: Nick Quotavicious (he really is) threatened to beat me up if I didn't
give him credit for his lovely photo of Antonia. So here it is, tough guy.

Update here.

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