Carly Fiorina out at
Hewlett Packard.

Carly Fiorina is on the job market although her resume hasn’t shown up in our inbox yet but that could be because we keep our hotmail junk filter set at high and it puts all emails from people that are not already on our list in the junk mail folder.

Which of course means that we have to start checking the box every day to make sure it doesn’t get deleted automatically.

Carly was derided in Slate magazine as a “rock star” CEO. Which surprised us because we never heard any of her songs. A quick check of Kazaa revealed no Carly mp3s being traded by geeks. Although they could be on some bit-torrent site somewhere.

Carly_simonPerhaps Slate was confusing her with Carly Simon?

Carly7Now that such a high profile female CEO has been ousted the questions will begin as to whether gender played a role in Carly’s fall. Carly however denies that her breast size had anything to do with it.

Carly5Those who remember her tenure at HP say they will miss her inability to work gadgets.

And her belief that holding IPOD’s to the sky helped her communicate with aliens.

Carly4Mostly though they will miss her skills in pointing.

Carly8She was a really good pointer.

Now that the CEO job is vacant the folks here at Canadian Headhunter would like to throw our hat into the ring and declare our interest in taking on the assignment for a small fee. HP can contact us via the hotmail address on the right.

We’ll set the junk mail filter to medium for a few days. And just so we don’t miss it make sure the subject line says something like: Big Fat Retainer Check for You!!!

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