Free Marie!

A Daughter's Plea For Justice

    But to live outside the law, you must be honest.
    I know you always say that you agree.
    But where are you tonight, sweet Marie?

    R Zimmerman
6 Degrees of Preparation

After weeks of broadcasting "All Genuity, All The Time!" we finally got a response from someone other than peter dawson.

Diaz_cowlick_3 And it's a dilly because the writer claims to be the daughter of the most mysterious member of the Genuity 9, Absolutely Sweet Marie Cordero.

You all recall that Marie has been accused of stealing confidential information from her employer, the CIBC, just before she flew the coop for David Kassie's spunky new start-up, Genuity Capital Markets.

Marie claims that stealing copying information was just part of her job.

And it seems possible that she is just some nobody who got caught in the cross-hairs of an angry tiger on his way to tackle someone else.

At any rate, that's what her daughter thinks. And I'm featuring her remarks here just in case some of you might be moved to start a Marie Cordero Defence Fund.

So, without further ado, here's "Dee-Dee":

    Being close to the source (Marie is my mom) I can say that the small fry big net theory is the closest to the truth.

    Fact is that my mom did nothing but do her job at CIBC. The problem is, maybe they don't expect someone to continue doing their job on the last few days of work, maybe she was supposed to slack off more.

    The question is what do they hope to gain by suing her? They can't possibly hope to get any money. I assure you that my mother's meager earnings woudn't put a dent in the amount CIBC is suing for!

    I think someone back there has a grudge or paranoia as their motive, in the meanwhile they are a source of constant stress for my family. Imagine your mom being sued by one of the biggest banks!

    I think CIBC is really pathetic for picking on someone who was a loyal employee for 27 years and never did a thing that did not have the best interest of the company in mind, yes even on her last day.

    Her loyalty to that evil place always baffled me, through layoffs,

    Dee , 02.01.05 - 6:25 pm
An earlier comment also appears to come from "Dee".

    Just to point out a small thing nobody seems to notice, Marie is not one of the partners, as a matter of fact,

    she is a relatively low ranking IT geek who worked for the bank loyally for 27 years, and does not stand to gain millions from any of this (as the others do)

    and certainly did not get millions of dollars in bonus money when she left (as the others did) so why the hell is CIBC picking on a little old lady? (sorry mom)

    Anonymous | 01.27.05 - 2:22 pm.
OK. My mom is good, the bank is bad and the Genuity guys are all fat cats so who cares about them. Popular wisdom. And just what you'd expect from a daughter. I've got no complaint against that.

Now here's my problem with these remarks.

Mary_cardigan_1 I have to ask you: Is Marie really an "old lady"?

You know what they say, "Cherchez la femme". And there may be something to cherchez about Marie.

After all, how many women have two heavyweights like Kingpin Kassie and Handsome John Hunkin fighting over them?

She sounds like a regular JLo of Troy to me.
And, in fact, here's what I think happened.

December 17th, Handsome Johnny comes down to the World Markets office for a Christmas walkabout.

The place is empty. You could shoot a cannon through it and you wouldn't hit anybody.

He walks by Dan Daviau's empty desk and says, "Who needs him!". He sees Phil Evershed's empty chair: "Good riddance!".

Earl Rotman's desk, "Thank Goodness!".
John Esteireiro's, "A dime a dozen!".

Then he comes to Marie's little corner. He sees her darkened monitor and utters those fateful words: "Et tu, Bruté!"

The next day the PI's started sifting through the email.

    I'm drunk right now baby
    But I gotta be.
    Cause I never could tell you
    What you mean to me.

    As soon as I saw you I knew you would be
    The perfect IT girl for CIBC.
    The Queen of the Markets
    Our own Sweet Marie.

    R Newman
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