The Genuity Nine!

Genuity War Expands As CIBC Sues 3 More

7. David Morrison
8. Ted Hirst
9. Gunnar Eggertson

The Crime: Stealing info and people from CIBC for Genuity.
The Demand: Return your bonus, baby!

Morrison: Head, Institutional Equity Sales, CIBC World Markets
Teddy & The Egg: Vancouver-based Investment Banking team

The Zipper on Morrison

    From: Rotman, Earl
    To: arohringer at
    Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2004 12:22 AM
    Subject: Re: The saga goes on
    Interesting conversations tonight: Morrison and Ron Schwartz suggested that Kassie is being to piggish in the amount of equity he the founders) are keeping. They both implied they knew about me....
More to come. News item here.

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