Is Oprah A Business Woman?
A Heated Controversy Settled

Back in April 2004, two of our blog friends, Simmy Simran III and Mr Furry Brows, had a battle on these pages as to whether Oprah Winfrey is a businesswoman or a brand.

Oprah_in_white Harvard had paid homage to Opey as a business leader right after she had told Fortune Magazine that she could not read a balance sheet. And that's what fuelled the debate.

Now, I have the answer to this question. Last week I listened to an old interview of Britney Spears and Howard Stern.

Britney was already the key part of a huge business venture but, trust me, she ain't no businesswoman. And, I guess, therefore, that neither is Oprah.

Look at it this way: if you're selling bubble gum, is the bubble gum a business man? Case closed.

Now, "business leader", that might be another thing. I still say "no". But maybe we should ask David Kassie - after the judge decides what "recruiting" means.

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