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A selection of bloggers comments about their encounters with headhunters.

The City Girl and the Pickle Factory

    The headhunter is still relentlessly trying to get me down to Tilsonburg for an interview. I'm just not that excited about it, and I can't imagine the manager down there is just biting his nails, hoping I can make it down so that he can offer me a $70,000 job and pay for me to move. Really. Tilsonburg.

From Random Ramblings
    On the job front.. headhunter #2 set up an interview for tomorrow downtown. Headhunter #1 finally called back and said she has a position for me. Unfortunately it's only a 2 month contract and after much discussion with ryan we'd rather wait until something at least 6-12 months or permanent comes along. 2 months won't do us any good in terms of buying a house and that's what we need right now. It would help with money and that's about it. I absolutely hated turning down any job that could get my foot in the door to Canadian employment but she needed an answer by 5, which gave me all of 40 minutes to get back to her. If I had accepted now not only would I not be able to accept any of her better job opportunities but I wouldn't even make it to tomorrow's interview. And she wanted somebody to start Wednesday which sucked. Not only did that not give me time to prepare (ie: buy work clothes and get things organized) but I really want to go home for a visit, even if just a short one before I started working. Oy.

From Only Here After Five
    I'll head back into work tomorrow, I talked to the boss today to inform him I was back in town. He's currently in San Jose promoting our product and I suppose the brochure I made is going over well enough. Next week he mentioned that they are going to sit down with me and ask me to come on full time. But FedEx and a headhunter are also knocking on my door. Life is interesting.

    FedEx would offer a huge company to work in and grow. The headhunter promises too-good-to-be-true wages working with RFID. But Cerex has a ground-floor start-up atmosphere that is kinda exciting but not too stable. I'm going to have to decide quickly.

Finally from Stablerampant
    Great! Just when I’m getting started with a BLOG, just when I have a job interview with a headhunter, just when my social life begins picking up, my brain goes all foggy on me this morning.

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