Canadian Blogger Abandons Business Beat

I'm sorry to see that journalist-blogger,
David Aken
, is changing his colours.

    I will join CTV's Ottawa bureau as a Parliamentary Reporter.

    I will be ending, after a long run, my coverage of technology and business issues.

a recent swipe Dave took at a big-mouthed know-it-all a famous man who over-reached.

    It was no less an expert than Michael Dell who forecast the demise of Apple Computer Inc.

    In 2001, the chairman and founder of the computer company that bears his name said Apple had sealed its fate by failing to build computers that used Intel Corp. microprocessors and software from Microsoft Corp.

    In sticking with its own proprietary technologies, Apple could not survive. "We know how the movie ends," Mr. Dell, now 39, said.
Update: Anthony comes to Dell's defence by arguing that Apple's recent success depends entirely on the iPod which is, essentially, a shift into a completely new business.

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