Microsoft Rocked By Moon Gal's Departure

    Saying goodbye is never easy. That said, I am leaving Microsoft and this is my last blog post. Please, don't try to follow.
    Technical Recruiter, Zoe Goldring, Leaves Microsoft
Goldring had become famous for encouraging lonely but ambitious nerds who dreamed of working at the software mecca. And some of her fans are taking her departure pretty hard.

Check out the comments on her blog. For some reason, they seem addicted to song parodies.

    #6. When I find myself in times of trouble, Gretch and Zoe speak to me, now that Zoe's leaving, life is bleak.

    #23. Well, when I heard the news, my world came tumbling down, my dreams were scattered all over the ground. I hugged the screen tight, I gave her our last kiss, I knew this was one blogger, I'd miss.

    #16. I need you Zoe to walk beside me! I need you Zoe to help and guide me! Well, you said I might be a Microsoft trainee, Oh, Zoe, help me reach my destiny! Zoe, Zoe, Zoe!

    #33. Now it's time to say good-bye to our Moon Gal, Zoe. Z, O, E. E, it won't be easy. G, O, L. Hell it's going to be. D, R, I, N, Geee-ee!
Goodbye, Old Girl!

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