The Genuity 9:

Dr Phil Evershed Knows How To Party

    Well, shake it up, baby now, (Shake it up baby)
    I'll make you twist and shout. (Twist and shout)
    A senior civil servant in the Mulroney government.
    Joined CIBC World Markets 1993.
    Led merger and acquisition team, 2001 to June 2004.

    Also co-head of the investment banking group.
    Had relationships with most of the bank's major clients

    Currently: Partner, Genuity Capital Markets
    Accused of crimes against CIBC

Banker by day. Political operative by night.

That's right. You may not know it but "Dr Phil" Evershed was Tom Long's bagman.

Who is Tom Long? Why he's a recruiter who entered politics. That's right, a headhunter.

Long worked behind the scenes for Mike Harris, the Progressive Conservative leader who became Premier of the Province of Ontario.

Then he ran for the leadership of the new Alliance Party.
And during that campaign Phil was one of his collectors.

    Phil Evershed, who leads CIBC World Markets' merger and acquisition team and is former chief of staff to former federal Tory finance minister Donald Mazankowski, said he plans to twist colleagues' arms to build the candidate's war chest.
Remember Rocky? Boxer by day, arm-twister by night?
Likewise with "Dr Phil" - also known as "The Twist".

Can't you just imagine his approach?

    You're voting Liberal!? Now what side of stupid do you not understand? Where do you live? I want to get you some psychiatric help. Listen, it's not you I'm worried about, you're all growed up; it's your little kids at home. Are they safe with you in the house?
More on Long Tom

    Ernie Eves, Ontario's former premier says he was unaware the province's hydro utility gave $5.6 million in untendered contracts to four top Conservatives...

    One of the contracts showed that Egon Zehnder International, a headhunting firm where senior Conservative strategist Tom Long is a top official, received $83,000 to recruit Deb Hutton, an adviser to Harris and the wife of a Tory cabinet minister, as a Hydro One vice president.

    "I'm not here to defend or attack," said Eves. "Obviously, management (of Hydro One) decided that they were looking for somebody to fill a particular niche, and it's appropriate to hire a headhunting firm to go and conduct that exercise for them."
Extra! The Evershed Golfers: Tony and Mark

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