Kassie Defends Family From CIBC

As Toronto Judge Turns Up The Heat

This just in! Judge Jimmy Farley has ordered The Genuity Gang to hand over the personal computers of their wives and children!

The forensic boys over at Zwaig Consulting have already taken data off of 84 Genuity computers, 2 servers and 29 BlackBerries. And CIBC's pit bulls still want more.

But, gang leaders David Kassie and Dan Daviau, have refused to give up the goods.

Thank You Daddy!

Can you imagine the relief their kids must be feeling?

Especially if they have been downloading material of a "personal" nature from the internet. Or keeping a tell-all diary.

Alan Lenczner, a lawyer hired by the conspirators respectable businessmen, said the request was a blatant attempt to insult Mrs Kassie by pandering to Canadian Headhunter's, The Globe & Mail's, the business media's appetite for gossip.


But, wait, there's more. "This is sort of a nasty dog fight." Judge Jimmy quipped, as he ordered the defendants' personal email providers - including Microsoft Hotmail - to preserve any relevant material for future copying.

(Holy cow! I didn't know we were living in Russia!)

Let me ask you, friends, 'What's next?' Deportation to Syria for a little conference with some "auditors"? Judge Jimmy, please!

Also, Now it's The Genuity Ten!

As of last Friday, the CIBC wants to add another shadowy figure to the list of defendants.

CIBC alleges that Charles "Chuckie" Lindner, a senior exec in its US brokerage, sent two months of trading records for CIBC's Boston clients to an email address on Jan. 5, 2005 -- and resigned from the bank later that day! He now works for Genuity. (Heh, heh.)

(Note: the CIBC World Markets division of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is suing (now) ten ex-employees for stealing people and information when they went to Genuity Capital Markets).

A Little On Lenczner

I love Alan Lenczner's web site. His picture's at the top of the page. And underneath it is written:

    A tour de force in both civil and administrative litigation, Mr. Lenczner's insights and skills are virtually unparalleled in the profession.
No source is attributed so you have to wonder if he wrote it himself. It goes on:

    He is one of Canada’s leading litigators... well-known for his expertise... His skills as an advocate have set precedents in almost every area of civil litigation. With his extraordinary experience in large and complex litigation matters, he regularly appears before courts and tribunals across the country.
I get a few resumes that are written like this. And...(hahahahaha!) - you know how Joni Mitchell laughs at the end of "Big Yellow Taxi"?

Sources: Joey Schneider @ bloomberg.net and
Sinc Stewart, Globe & Mail

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