Headhunters = Hearthunters?

The Globe and Mail discovers a new type of headhunter:

    So there I was, shopping on-line for a Valentine's gift for my cat -- and wondering why Petunia remains the most significant other in my life -- when I received an intriguing e-mail message from Executive Search Dating.

    This new Vancouver-based company offers professional matchmaking with a twist. Memberships cost $1,500 to $5,000 and provide unlimited access to a databank of video profiles. But once the managers have figured out what you're looking for, they send a team of "matching agents" to social events and business networking functions to find someone specifically selected for you, just like corporate headhunters.

Hmmm...... I have never worked in firm that employed matching agents to attend functions of any sort. Mostly we just sit with a big-ass directory of names and dial 7 digits until we find someone. Although I wouldn't mind doing a little matching on the side.

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