Poison Berry

What is a Blackberry?

A Blackberry is a wireless hand-held device which gives you access to email.

Blackberry Standard Blackberry email goes through your company's computer system.

And it can be stored by the system just like any other email messages.

But every Blackberry has a personal identification number (PIN).

And, everyone thought that messages sent from one Blackberry to another using PIN numbers - instead of normal e-mail addresses - would bypass the company computers.

This would make these communications completely private.

But now we learn that if your Blackberry is on your company's network, there is software available that can capture all of its PIN-to-PIN communications.

What's all the fuss?

The Canadian Bank of Commerce (CIBC) is suing nine ex-employees for stealing people and data from the CIBC.

The case was cracked by probing the conspirators' email for evidence. And, these emails were sent between Blackberrys using PIN numbers.

So, now, Blackberry users everywhere are in a panic as they visualize John Hunkin prying into their email.

How to solve the problem

Don't be cheap. Buy your own Blackberry.

Or disconnect your company Blackberry from the company's computer. And link it to your personal e-mail account with your own Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Laying Blame

Some glib and nasty folk are trying to lay the blame for the Genuity fiasco on some of our old friends.

Because, they say, it should have been obvious that no message sent or received through a company-issued BlackBerry is safe.

Look at this:

    An investment banker said he was surprised that the former CIBC employees were so naive as to believe their communications could not be tracked.

    He said it was especially odd, given that one of the CIBC bankers was a technology specialist and another was a lawyer.
And this:

    "You would have to be a fool to assume that kind of thing.” said Brian Sharwood, a telecommunications consultant in Toronto.
But Zipper, and Marie, don't you pay them any mind.
(And whatever you've been drinking, please, give it up!)

The Globe & Mail here and here. And Computerworld here.

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