Canuck Bosses Not Blogalicious

Canadian execs aren't following US counterparts
into setting up corporate blogs.

Mark Cuban, Corporate Blogger
David Schatsky, SVP at Jupiter Research, recently asked a room of 50 people how many wrote blogs.

No one did. A couple read blogs. A third knew what they were.

They were at a Web Content Management conference in Quebec.

(This fits our image perfectly! Pushy Americans: always rushing into things. Getting their noses in everywhere. Canadians: so much more sleepy polite and loveable. But still on the leading edge. Hey! Am I missing something here?)

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UPDATE: Here are some Canadian CEO bloggers.
Stu Butterfield, Ludicorp / Flickr (Looks kind of girlie)
Rob Hopper, iUpload
Mike O'Connor, Mansfield Communications
Elliot Noss, Tucows

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