Rubber Soul

    Wear these shoes, and be like me
    Wear these shoes, and you'll free
    Wear the shoes, I'm thinking of
    They have soles you'll really love.
    They're so fine, light as sunshine
    Buy these shoes, Love.
Sometimes, coincidences do occur. For instance, I was planning to post an entry about a shoe called the Holy Sole and Lord Almighty if the great Manolo doesn't go and post one a day or two before me.

But, Land o' Goshen, he doesn't call them Holy Soles. He calls them Crocs. And his "Crocs" cost $35 USD, whereas mine cost considerably less in Canadian money.

And, finally I intended to praise the shoe and highly recommend it, whereas the Manolo, he consigned it to his Gallery of Horrors!

And, since I respect the Manolo greatly, I fear for what this means about me. But, before you start throwing your bagels at the screen, please, please, let me explain.

The Holy Sole is a plastic clog. It's made out of some sturdy kind of foam so it is unbelievably lightweight.

And, there are two versions. The one Manolo shows has an attractive "band" and is a little roomier than the basic.

The basic one, which is cheaper, has a spongier bottom which makes it incredibly comfortable if you are standing on your feet.
(I have both).

I bought these shoes from a friend of mine named Steven Dennis. We call him "Shorts", because he has an addiction to casual wear.

(Really, he'll wear shorts to an expensive dining room for dinner unless you tell him not to.)

He'll sell you these shoes (in larger volumes) at a very good price. And, he's a nice guy you can trust. If you're interested you can reach him at Dominion Smallwares in Toronto at 416-665-9256.

I bought Anthony a pair but he refuses to wear them. However, I got my brother a pair too and although he's a rough and tough guy like Tony Soprano, he called me the next day to tell me they were great.

So, I do recommend them, in spite of our friend, even if you work in an office.

As long as you don't have to meet strangers, you can leave your regular shoes in the drawer and wear these during the day.

If you're wearing a suit and you buy the black ones, I'll bet few people will even notice.

One more thing, the sizing is funny. I usually wear size 11. But in these I chose an XXL because I prefer them roomy.

And, the only thing I don't like about them is that plastic is not especially cool even when it's full of holes. But if it's cool enough to wear socks where you are sitting, you won't find them hot at all.

Shorts' brother-in-law is a surgeon in Chicago and he, apparently, bought 70 pair for the people in the hospital. And, a friend of mine thought they would be quite popular in prisons.

Hmmm. Now, I get it. The Manolo isn't writing for the people in the unpleasant institutions. (That's why he doesn't like Cuba.) But read his post anyway. Itsa very funny, as usual!

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