Starbucks Chair Prank

We've been getting lots of hits lately from people looking for the Starbucks Chair prank. Why? Because I am a big fan, big fan of the Starbucks wing chair and wrote about them desperately when they were removed from my local Bucks.

So, I was prompted to look up the Prank myself and was rather surprised. This is it: some guy found two folding chairs in a dumpster and chained them to a pole on the street. To make them more attractive to sit in, he spray-painted the Starubucks logo on the backrest part of the chairs.

Wow, isn't that exciting! Oh yeah. And he dressed up his "documentation" of the project with a lot of mumbo jumbo. Doesn't this reek of Art College Performance Art? I mean, really, if only it was funny!

Speaking of which, I remember with fondness one of the earliest reports of performance art I ever read. First there was that guy with the gun. He set up a carnival-type shooting booth at an art show. But the rifle was real and the target was him. I always found that stupid.

But the one I'm referring to was a guy who had a tape of his ex-girlfriend, Kathy, scolding him. He would play it on stage and in the spaces between her remarks he would answer her, explaining himself and pleading, I believe, for a second chance.

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