Oprah is A Breath Mint

Simran is mad and he wants every one to know that "Oprah is not a Business Leader" - no matter what Harvard thinks. He says she's a Brand. (Fouro, we want your two cents here.)

Simmy formed this opinion after reading a Fortune article in which Opey "happily" admitted that she can't read a balance sheet. She "knows how to relate to people, how to sell, and how to manage" but no durn fool who runs a billion dollar organization and is happy she can't understand the heart of the business is a business leader. The worst thing is that she lacks the motivation to better herself and, heck, the key trait of business leaders is that they're progressive and want to expand their abilities.

Martha Stewart, on the other hand, now there's a woman after Simmy's heart. She is a business leader who has a deep knowledge of how a business is run (and lost).

But, Simmy, let me axe ya dis. Don't all of the business books tell you to pursue your strengths and delegate everything else? And, isn't that what Okra is doing? You've seen her show. She regularly features Suzie Orman. So, she believes that people should know how to control their personal finances. The problem is that her personal finances are beyond the scope of any ordinary person. So, she can either become an accountant or hand off the responsibility. Don't you think she's made the right choice?

And, here's another question. Could Condi run a business? And here's another one. Should I start a magazine with that name? And the first cover...?

If any working women - or guys - want to start a blog called Condi, proposals are welcome.

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