Does Starbucks have brand problems?

Do only Communists go to Starbucks? If you read the warblogs, you might think so.
Why is one of America's most powerful unions likely to endorse Howard Dean, the candidate of latte-sipping lefties?

And now the lefty latte sippers can crow about the 21 Iraqis who were killed while in U.S. Custody.

This terribly insightful article is for all you "latte-sipping, iMac-using, suburban-living, tertiary-industry-working WASPs".

In Australia, the Democrats are the latte-sipping, pseudo-intellectual, absolutely-irrelevant minor political party.

“Well, this is obviously some Green or Democrat member of the latte-sipping elite class. Obviously a member of that dreadful Baby Boomer generation, as his pandering to the wimminists and eco-crazies makes clear. Unable to cut it in the Real World of adversarial politics – can’t have been a real man...Definitely some crazed socialist lefty.”
Isn't it a problem for SB that so many people think it's the favourite haunt of effete airheads who hate anyone who won't agree with their naive schemes? And, here's another problem. The latte-sipping lefties hate Starbucks too! Uh oh!

Update: Brand afficionado Fouro has beaten me to the punch on this topic, here.

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