If You're Passionate And You Know It Raise Your Voice
Mark Cuban says:
I’m about as competitive as they come. I hate to lose in anything I do. I love to work with people who hate to lose. I want to be around people who get sick and can’t sleep when things don’t go well.

A by-product of passion is saying exactly how you feel in a way that will get someone’s attention. I expect people who work for me to yell at me. If someone is pissed off, if they think I’m doing something wrong, Blast me.

I have told just about everyone who has ever partnered or reported directly to me [that if] you have done your homework and are confident in your position, and when I don’t listen, raise your voice. I don’t see decibels as a sign of disrespect. I see fear to communicate a needed message as a sign of disrespect. If you don’t care enough about our product, customer, company, employee - whatever it may be - to step up and let me have it when I’m screwing up, then you don’t care enough to be here.

A little contention can go along way. If I raise an issue with someone on something, there is only positive that can come from it. One of us is probably going to have a valid solution and the organization will benefit. If raised voices allows us to come to a solution, I’m all for it.
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