Cute Phrase Time: The Moronic Inferno

This is what Lynn Crosbie calls the endless parade of stupid TV ads. But I think it can be appropriated for other uses, as well.

Occasionally an ad appears that is so repulsive, I feel compelled to tell the corporation responsible...Otherwise, I watch the moronic inferno like everyone else, contented enough that Bea Arthur is no longer shilling for Shoppers Drug Mart.
Reminds me a bit of "The Bozo Invasion" which is what you get when you place an ad for a job in the newspapers. Although, there are some alternate definitions:

When a company grows that fast, it opens itself to the "bozo invasion," the addition of inferior employees, [McNealy] said.

You’ve all heard the Theory of the Crappy Manager, also called the Bozo invasion (where a poor top manager hires mediocre talent to create a pyramid of poor performance).