Obviously they haven't read this Blog

Some people think we don't like the term "headhunter":

"Business writer Charles Fleming, in his book Executive Pursuit, sternly admonishes job seekers: 'I use the word "headhunter" for you and for me. But you'd better forget it. For many headhunters the word is about as welcome as "quack" or 'shyster" in other professions.'' Mr. Fleming, you note, employs the inflammatory word even as he discourages its use. Charley Fleming, what a zany guy!"

Why would we not like that term? It's much better than "employment agency" or "personnel firm" "staffing associate".


I don't know why people would equate it with "quack" or "sawbones". More like "beancounter" perhaps.

But it sounds much cooler than those terms.

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