Climate of Fear in Canadian Business

Terrorists posing as innocent Muslim civilians have caused problems for their co-religionists in the business world. Canadian Business reviews the issues.

1. A Saudi-born product manager refused to be fingerprinted, photographed and interviewed at the US-Canadian he didn't get through.

His HR department told him that he could apply for a waiver through the US Embassy that would allow him to bypass the procedure.

2. Pre-911, beards and headscarves were seen as purely religious symbols. Now they are suspected of being evidence of a Taliban-style point of view.

Muhammad Ishaq, who wears a beard, was told by an interviewer that the manager of the company refused to hire a Muslim. (He refused to file a complaint so the government couldn't help him).

An Arab surgeon was offered a job at an un-named Toronto hospital but only if he changed his name. (So, he accepted an offer in the US).

3. Muslims are subjected to jokes and taunts at work. For instance, an employee asked his co-worker if he has a pilot's licence.

(The Canadian Islamic Congress wants companies to issues clear guidelines against such behaviour).

4. Bill C-36, Canada's anti-terrorism law lacks appropriate checks.

5. Mohammed Elmasry, president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, thinks the media make it seem as if most Muslims look like Osama bin Laden.

Also mentioned are the problems of lawyers and doctors from other countries whose credentials are not accepted here. And, the fact that Canadian businesses do not provide prayer rooms for spiritually-inclined employees.

These issues are irrelevant in this discussion. Professionals from many backgrounds have the same problems and Spiritual Rooms are not provided for the practitioners of any religion.