Dell 1: Management Secrets

1. The status quo is not enough.

2. Celebration breeds complacency.
Success is greeted with five seconds of praise and five hours of postmortem on what could have been done better. No Victory Laps here.

3. No Excuses.
Admit a problem quickly and confront it. Never be defensive. Expose weak spots ruthlessly and fix them right away.

4. Cut costs and make money.
Every product should be profitable from Day One. Dell's quick to pull the plug on anything that doesn't make money fast. When top managers in Europe lost out on profits in 1999 because they hadn't cut costs far enough, they were replaced. After Randy Groves, head of the server business, delivered 16% higher sales, he was demoted. It could have been better.

5. Be Direct. Don't mince words. Question everything. Challenge your bosses.

6. No big egos. Work with partners whose strengths make up for your weaknesses.

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