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chamber of secrets
New revelations have come forth over the firing of Boeing CEO Harry Stonecipher.

You remember him? He was fired over an affair with another executive but according to the company he wasn't fired because of the affair. Got that? Well most of us didn't but new details have emerged:

And yet, Boeing chairman Lew Platt was quoted in a corporate release saying the "facts" reflected badly on Stonecipher's judgment and would "impair his ability to lead the company." The facts meaning having an affair? No. In one interview, Platt made it clear that having an affair was not a violation of the company's code of conduct.

So, what's the deal? According to The Wall Street Journal, an informant tipped off Platt in a letter to which was allegedly attached a "very graphic" email written by Stonecipher to his lover. Suddenly, the sky clears. In this era of email inquisition, it is less what Stonecipher did, and more what he wrote. Brokers, investment bankers and accountants have all been shot dead in their corporate beds for either leaving a trail of incriminating emails or ordering the erasure of incriminating emails.

What could be worse for a company than having its leader's lurid, lascivious thoughts reported merrily throughout the media?

So there you have it. Shooting the messenger is starting to take on a whole new meeting.

Canadian Headhunter has yet to receive a call from Boeing asking for our help in filling the vacant position. But you if you want to read more about the current adventures of Harry Stonecipher and his not so secret chamber go here and don't forget our own local scandal involving Genuity has it's own twist on the email thing. You can read Mike's diligent coverage here.

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