Government Contractors Hire Iraq Vets

About 11,000 US military personnel have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some are being sought out by business. Why?

Some vets and executives make it sound like character and leadership skills are the most signficant factors.

But, there are more clearly valuable reasons as well.

1. Soldiers have security clearances which are hard to get.
2. They know the equipment being sold.
3. They know the culture of the buyers.

    They've got to be able to talk the language.
    And you can't teach a person that language, it's
    a language you can only learn by being part of
    that culture.

    - Paul Evancoe, Director Military Ops, FNH USA Inc,
    a weapons manufacturer.
Apparently, Vietnam Vets who are now hiring managers,
feel a personal desire to help as well.

Washington Post via Virginia Postrel

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