Something I've Told Candidates for Years:

Work Like a Headhunter to find the Right Job

Nic Corvello of Ask The Headhunter has a regular column in the Seattle Times where he answers questions from job-seekers from a headhunter's perspective.

I don't always agree with him but he is bang-on with this one:

1. Find out exactly what work the company needs to have done. This is usually different from what the job description says.

No it's always different from the job description. Most job descriptions are written in such vague language that you could never tell what the real job is.

Here are two other excellent questions to ask:

What is the first project I will be working on? This give you an idea of what the real priorities are. Sell your skills based on that.

At the end of my first year how will you know if I have been successful? This gives you hard information as to how they are measuring your performance. Sometimes they won't have an answer - this could be a good or bad sign depending on your headspace.

Read all the article here.

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