How To Recognize An Ideal (= Fantasy) Salesperson

1. He takes time to diagnose your problem.

He shouldn't describe his solution before he questions you methodically to uncover your problems.

He should ask questions you would not have thought of yourself so that he expands your understanding of the situation. This diagnosis takes time and hard work.

2. She lets you set the pace.

If a salesperson is there to serve you, she will not rush you. The last thing she will want to do is create mistrust or a confrontational atmosphere. She will do what is necessary to help you understand the best option.

3 She will help you calculate the cost of your problem and see it if makes sense to pursue a solution. (Vagueness is a red flag).

4. She won't allow project-creep that expands the purchase beyond reasonable parameters.

5. A good sales rep provides a competitive advantage.

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