Elements of Personality

Sam Gosling asked dog owners to rate their pets for 4 personality traits.
They could choose either extreme or somewhere in between.

1 energetic-slothful
2 affection-aggression
3 anxiety-calmness
4 intelligence-stupidity

Strangers then watched the animals perform tasks in a local park, and rated them on the same characteristics.

Anxiety was assessed from the dog's reaction as it watched its owner walk away with another hound.

The ability to retrieve a hidden treat from under a cup was used as a measure of intelligence.

78 dogs of all shapes and sizes were tested. In general, owners and strangers agreed on an individual dog's personality. This suggests that the dog personalities are real.

Are these good measures for candidates, as well?

I've been preparing a posting on key indicators of personality that are visible during interviews and the first three traits I decided to measure for are, essentially, the exact same as for the dogs:

1. Friendly, 2. Relaxed, 3. Lively, 4. Formal, 5. Articulate. More on this later.

Find more here; via Futurepundit

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