Emotional Intelligence: How To Deal With Obnoxious People

A communications pro told me that many execs want to respond vindictively to public criticism. It's his job to tell them that it's usually better to act like you're not crazy.

That's bad news, I know, but in case you're interested, here are some tips:

1. Don't be rude, regardless of the provocation.
Just be pleasantly persistent. People will still hate you but they'll have less of an excuse to show it.

2. Be a model for better behaviour.
Allow a few years for the lesson to sink in.

3. Use "Please" and "Thank you".
Easy ? Not when you're pissed off.

4. Semper Paratis
Rehearse situations that will surely test you.

5. Don't feel guilty when you do go crazy.
The freedom to err inspires progress.

6. Experiment.
Every once in a while, raise your voice, berate others and stomp off in righteous indignation. See what happens. (And let us know)

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