Lovecat, baby, Lovecat !

Lovecats are business people who are known for sharing and as promoters of business growth.

You know that they're mavens [experts]. They always seem to have great information for you. They always seem to recommend the finest books ... at the right time. They're ferocious networkers. They always seem to put you together with people. They don't expect anything, you wonder how they make money.

They're incredibly compassionate. They're very warm and feely and they always manage to have kind words for you. They always manage to find the power of very small people. And they're very gregarious.

Yet they're shrewd, they're great business people and they're generally paid retail. I've met many of these people.

Mr. Stanley Marcus [Neiman Marcus] was an example of a lovecat. That guy got paid retail. He always told me: Tim, if you add enough value, you get retail. Discounts are for people who don't add value. If you don't add value in this world, you compete on price. He said: If you're willing to take the time to be knowledge added and network enabled, you can get retail.

Tim Sanders

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