Business Wisdom From The Wisdom Business

Here's some biz-wiz from The Medicine Woman's Guide To being In Business For Yourself (How to Live Your Spiritual Vision In a Money-Based World) by Carol Bridges.

Business is the art of fair exchange and, as such, part of the path of balance - depicted symbolically by the Medicine Wheel, a circle divided into four quadrants, one for each direction.

The teaching of the South is: Take charge. To get any idea off the ground, you've got to weed the garden. Leave only what you are trying to grow.

The West reminds us to to relax, enjoy change. It's going to happen anyway.

The North tells us how to relate to material things. The earth is seen as a living being. Material reality, EVEN MONEY, must be respected as a part of Her.

More contents:
Chapter 2 You Call Yourself A Shaman?
Chapter 4: Earth To Medicine Woman: The Bank Is Calling
Chapter 12 Be A Warrior: If you've read this far, the worst is behind you.

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