More On Resume Intros

Career Objectives

In order to satisfy my conviction for personal accomplishment, I am seeking a career that challenges my intellectual capacity, as well, incorporates my creative energies within a demanding employment.
I don't know where this fellow was convicted nor the personal accomplishment he was convicted for but, aside from his criminal record, he isn't telling employers much about the benefits they might receive if they hire him. And, that's quite typical.

Just in case our three regular readers missed it, I've added a postscript to my rant about Resume Intros and Exits (see Sun. Feb 22/04).

My addendum states that there is one useful type of introductory section in a resume and that is a Keywords section which lists all of the job titles, industry names, products and functions associated with the work you have done and intend to do. These will help a relevant resume be identified in an automated search.

Of course, there's nothing to stop the one and only janitor of a community centre from using the words Director, Maintenance, Institutional Buildings.

But that's the problem with keyword searches. If someone says she was the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Maintenance, she'll come up in a search for a Director of Maintenance, as well.

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