Narcissists can be useful in the workplace

Following four experiments on 248 subjects, Dr Roy Baumeister concluded that people who want to be adored are masterful loafers who contribute little when no one is watching them. But if you need someone to make a crucial presentation or do something spectacular, they will be good to have around.

As defined by psychologists, narcissism is characterized by an inflated view of self, the quest for excessive admiration, an unreasonable sense of entitlement, a lack of empathy, an exploitive attitude towards others, a proneness to envy, a wish to be envied, frequent fantasies of greatness, and arrogance.

Arrogance: The habit of arrogating, making undue claims in an overbearing manner which exalt the importance of the person to an undue degree.

Arrogate: To claim for oneself without right.
Overbearing: to be rudely domineering.

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