How To Inspire Intense Devotion

1. In every deed, focus on one overriding aim: persuading the customer to return. If you look after getting repeat business, profit will take care of itself. The most important measurement is the number of returning customers, not the total number of customers.

In many cases, the option that brings the customer back isn't as easy to measure as the option that maximizes profit on the current transaction. This is where leadership comes in. It requires courage to take the unquantifiable option.

2. You have to win customers by appealing to them in ways that mean something to them. Finding out what you don't know about customer experience is the secret of success.

It's the explicit job of every employee to cultivate a bone-deep feel for the customer. If you believe you're in the business of serving the customer better, then you have to spend time in the customer's shoes.

The difference between being a customer yourself and waiting on a customer is amazing. What seems reasonable or even valuable from the perspective of the company is often glaringly wrong from the point of view of the customer.

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