Ambitious Young Thing

Well, friends, I've had another clash of interests with an aspiring candidate. I said that she was too junior for the job. She insisted it was a lateral move.

Who was right? Well, the client saw at least two candidates who were earning double her salary, so you tell me.

Anyway, she sent me an email expressing the hope that we could work together in the future - and promptly sent her resume directly to the client.

Here's her (client) letter. It's short and to the point. So short, she forgot to mention my name. (Note: names have been changed to protect the innocent).

Dear Fred,

I recently became aware of an opportunity to become involved in a key position at The Happy Burrito.

I feel that I have to seize this opportunity and have attached my resume with cover letter for your review and consideration against the position of Director of Hot Sauce.

I look forward to hearing from you soon to learn if my background meets your needs.

Kind regards,
Sincerity Jones

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