Would you hire a successful man?

Not known as a compromiser, Izzy Asper got where he is today by kicking and fighting against long odds to make his own vision prevail. And for the past 25 years, he has resolved an endless series of battles with his partners and ex-partners and critics by suing the hell out of them.

"He could shave a beaver off a nickel," says Ray Heard, a big admirer. Brilliant, mercurial, inspired and supercompetitive. A generous friend and a dangerous enemy. A chain-smoking, hard-drinking, jazz-loving, piano-playing workaholic who has wound up suing or being sued by nearly every business partner he ever had.
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Izzy Asper was a very successful Canadian who died this past year. He was a lawyer, leader of a provincial political party and he built a large, national media empire called Canwest-Global Communications.

But, look at his profile. It doesn't fit the blah-blah-blah you see in every last job description and which every candidate, especially the most junior, reproduce faithfully in their self-descriptions. "Able to work both independently and in a team environment. etc" What does it mean? That he really wouldn't have been a good hire because he was too entrepreneurial? You tell me.

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