Will A Brand Motivate the Troops?

Research suggests that the emotional link with a brand is so powerful that it will overwhelm more practical considerations.

A professor at Baylor College of Medicine gave subjects the "Pepsi Challenge" in an Fractional MRI brain scanner.

1 People found Pepsi more pleasing to the palate -- their reward center lit up
2 Coke's branding hit literally at the core of their sense of self, a much stronger bond.

Inotherwords, brands are so powerful that we are more likely to buy something we identify with than something we like better or that is better for us. (via BusinessPundit)

This supports Fouroboros' claim that pride in your firm is a better motivator than money. Also, Anthony's support for Napoleon's quip that men will risk more for ribbons than anything else.

This has to be the clue to the motivation of many suicide-bombers, as well. And martyrs of all sorts. (All-Sorts, remember those?)

However, I'm reading Executive Instinct, a pop-psych book about Evolutionary Psychology in business. And, I remember it saying that employees can respect a brand but that the amount of loyalty you can generate toward it is very limited by our innate programming. I'll find the relevant lines and post them soon.

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