Marcom a la Harry

After seeing Fouro rave about Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith I googled it and came up with a reader's review which supplied the main themes. You'll find them below.

If you worship an expert, you're a sucker.
Because, there are no answers, only informed opinions.

Appeal only to reason, and you'll have no appeal at all.
Familiarity breeds business. Spread your word however you can.
And follow-up brilliantly.

Focus wins. To broaden your appeal, narrow your position.
Stand for one distinctive thing that will give you a competitive edge.

Logical pricing isn't smart pricing.
Good value makes you look second-rate.
Middle-range pricing means you're average.
Rock-bottom pricing makes you look substandard.
So, a little resistance to your price is a good sign.

Nothing beats a brand.
Building a brand doesn't take millions. It takes imagination.
Give your service a name, not an abbreviation
Generic names encourage generic business.

Make the prospect feel comfortable
Good basic communicating is good basic marketing.
Saying too much communicates nothing. Better say too little than too much.

If you think your promotional idea might seem unprofessional, it is.
Give your marketing a human face.
People hear what they see. Watch what you show.
Prospects don't buy how good you are at what you do. They buy how good you are at who you are.

Don't raise expectations you can't meet.
To manage customer satisfaction, manage customer expectation.
Watch your relationship balance sheet. Assume it is worse than it appears and fix it.
Out of sight, out of mind. If you're not meeting regularly, she's not thinking about you.

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