Do Recruiters Run Microsoft?

Here's an ad from the Microsoft recruiting site:
Are you a talented recruiter interested in the opportunity to shape Microsoft's future products and policy development...?
It sounds like it, doesn't it? Uh-oh! Wait a sec.
I think you need sailing experience!
In this role, the Recruiter will oversea [sic] and drive executive sourcing plans which will require building a road map for recruiting on niche and complex titles ensuring positions are filled within set time frames.
And, here's the confusion of singular and plural again:
The Recruiter in this role will spend 40% of their time researching competitive landscapes for specific candidate pools....
That's depressing. If Microsoft can't solve that problem I guess no one can! Hear that, Bill? You're in a position to establish numerically-correct, gender-free pronouns for the whole damn world! So, here's an ad I'd like to see:
Grammarian Wanted. The Challenge: change the way English is spoken in the next historical epoch. Because of its strategic role in the world today, Microsoft is well-positioned to create new models for the way English is spoken in the post-feminist era and, via translation, the way people speak in every language in the world!
No, it's not crazy!

By the way, the recruiters who run Microsoft have their own blog. You can find it here. (via Ensight)

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