Laugh With Dr Phil

I found the comments on Dr Phil at Jump The Shark simply hilarious.

Dr Phil tells deadbeats, morons, unemployed trash, abusers, cry babies, where to go. Instead of crying with these losers and saying "wah wah wah," he tells them point blank, "This is your problem, only you can help yourself." We need more Dr Phils to tell the deadbeats, losers and abusers of this world to stop feeling sorry for themselves and change.

It's fun to see Phil, and his exalted sense of self, lord over his audience of sheep, castigating them for their self-made dilemmas, and then acting puzzled when some cry. It's an uncomfortable freak show of Middle Americans, and I hope it dies a hasty death.

Lots of guys like me hate him because he brainwashes women, which is easy to do when you have a daytime television show. It's a bit troublesome when you have to come home from work or school to find the lady of the house thinking her relationships have gone sour.

Hey Now!!! Why does this joker think he's any better than any other bozo with a PhD in Art History handing out advice like a Pez dispenser. It's like getting counselling from Hank Kingsley.

Correspondence-school physician, heal thyself ! This guy makes me want to hurl. Now put down the tambourine, put down the flowers and get out of the airport.

This is a guy who told a family on the verge of bankruptcy to get rid of their dog, even though their kids were really attached to it. Yeah, because a bag of dog food costs a freakin' pantload at Wal-Mart. Thanks, Dr. F---khead.

Doctor Phil left his testicles in Oprah's purse when he got his own show. I've got other things to worry about than why some loser piece of white trash wants to go on TV to tell the world about her lazy no good cheating husband. To all you losers who watch this buffoon get off your fat Bon Bons and better yourselves. Isn't that what Dr. Phil should really be saying?

Every time he states the obvious the whole audience claps. I could give better advice for free.
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