How To Discover What Works

Jeremy at Ensight has an interesting discussion about your relationship with your customers.

Here are 3 TIPS for small shops that won't cost a dime:

1. Create a BUZZ MAP that literally maps how you obtained each of your customers. Was it the result of a referral? Who was the referrer? Did someone refer the referrer? Find the ground zero of every customer, and you might be surprised at who your biggest promoters are.

2. Take a customer to LUNCH every week with no intention of selling. It's not about you, it's all about them. Ask 50 questions about her challenges. Don't wait for existing customers to call you. You call them.

3. End every customer meeting by saying, "Can we spend 3 minutes going over what went well in this meeting and what you would do differently next time?" Capture each item and send a quick summary back to the customer. The next time you meet, kick off the meeting by addressing the improvements and what you're doing differently (or not) and why. Asking for honest feedback can be brutal, but it creates trust.

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