What is Passion?
1. A kind of fruit.
2. Inside lane of a highway (the passion lane)
3. The energy that comes from bringing more of what you like into what you do. Automatically making you put more of your attention on it.

What is the Passion Core ?
1. Inside of a fruit
2. Something to do with sex.
3. The underlying characteristics of things that turn you on.

If you like taking things from the drawing board into reality, implementing ideas is part of your passion core. If you like sorting things out anal retentiveness (which is often a good thing) is part of your passion core. If you like creating new things, innovation. If you like sitting around yakking....

Some people have more simple, extreme passion cores.

Their obsessions can make them unpleasant to be with when they don't get exactly what they want or boring if you don't share their enthusiasms. But their strong, narrow interests and consequent obsessive behaviour might drive them to greater achievements than people whose natural inclinations are more of a mixed bag.

The latter might envy the achievers because of their success. But, if they thought about it a bit, they would realize that they don't really want to be like the achievers they envy, honour or resent.

Apologies to The Occupational Adventure

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