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I was in a movie theater not long ago watching an engrossing movie - then for some reason I realized that as I was watching the movie I had forgotten all about my location and my surroundings. Part of me forgot that I was in a movie theater and there were dozens of people all around me; The only reality I knew was what was happening in the movie.

In that moment, I had "come out" of the movie. I could still see the movie on the screen, but I was aware that it was just a movie. Where minutes ago I had been reacting emotionally to the events on the screen - laughing, sitting on the edge of my seat, in this detached state I could see it for what it really was: a movie. Not that I didn't want to enjoy the movie - I did, and in fact I jumped right back in and became engrossed in it again. But sometimes, it's important to jump back and see things objectively.

At the end of the day (or week) close your eyes and imagine yourself in a movie theater. The movie you are watching is the day that just finished. Start it with the first detail you can remember and follow yourself throughout the day. Progress the movie at any speed you like and focus on any events you want. Only do it as long as you feel like doing it.
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The story about waking up in the theatre and the easy exercise presented some common ideas in an interesting way.

1. Everyday life is governed by reactions that are pretty automatic, so it's like a reel of film that has already been created and is just being replayed.

2. Your current focus is not the whole picture. There might be more you're not aware of and, therefore, more possibilities for action than seem apparent.

There might be more to you than your reactions. You might even be able to separate yourself from them.

3. Realizing this on a regular basis might insinuate a subtle awareness of it into your daily life alongside your habitual daily reactions and, in doing so, increase your flexibility.

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