Increasing Your Visibility II

Last week I did a post about increasing your visibility (you'll have to scroll to the archives because our permalinks are kinda screwy) to executive recruiters (headhunters). To continue on that theme I want to cover a couple of other ways to increase your visibility.

Firstly - how well are you known in your industry or field? Have you ever Googled yourself? Try it. If you get zero hits you probably have some work to do.

Now you might not be an expert in your chosen field so what do you do? Well firstly start attending conferences and seminars. Sometimes attendees lists are found on the Internet by enterprising recruiters and we are typically more interested in the attendees than the high flying speakers.

Secondly and most important: to what professional associations do you belong? No matter what field you are in there is some type of professional association (sometimes several). Just joining one gets you on the membership directory and headhunters love membership directories!!

But don't just stop at joining an association - get involved. Get on committees help out in events. If you are on the association executive or a committee you will probably be listed on a the website and thus you will be more visible!

Try both of these - and see if your Google hits (and recruiter calls) don't go up.

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