One Tough Sales Guy

Bill Krueger loves it when people ask if his fee is negotiable; it means they want to buy. He tells them: "If the Palestinians and Israelis can negotiate, I'm sure we can, too." This means that it's a fair question but one that won't get them anywhere.

He answers confrontational questions with a simple yes or no. No explanation. It's his way of saying: "This is me, take it or leave it. I'm not going to jump through hoops to make your stupid remarks look good."

Here's some tough guy tips:

1. Don't be too humble. They'll think you're a loser.

2. Make sure your client knows who's boss. If he wants to customize, let him go to a tailor.

3. Don't be afraid of interrupting. The main thing is to maintain control. People are intimidated by strong people so you have to take the reins.

4. Practice. The more you get in front of people and speak, the better you will be.

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